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Mobile-only and restrictive ticketing systems are arguably a tool of inequity when viewed in these contexts, as they disproportionately exclude the elderly and people of color from being able to participate in the purchase of tickets to live events because they lack the required technology to even access tickets they purchase. Fans who gave their tickets to family or friends still had to escort them to the venue doors. You can transfer as many tickets as you like. Although we may not be the largest resale marketplace, we strive to be the best and most transparent for fans purchasing resale tickets. The seats you buy are the seats you get. And a ticketholder who couldnt attend could not easily sell or even give away his tickets. When one tries to buy tickets to any kind of event these days one must compete with bots that buy as many as possible to resell later at higher prices. Consumers should be protected from discriminatory, anticompetitive, and deceptive practices that make it harder for fans to buy, resell, and use event tickets in a free market. Springsteen Fans on Restrictive Ticketing from Fan Freedom Project on Vimeo. View step-by-step instructions on our help center. What's the business model? Some like to hear Melody while some others like it to hear Fast Track songs, it depends on how they want to remember or forget something by going deep through the magical songs. Why not manage the scalping issue by preventing people buying many tickets? Sign in to your account and select your event In the instance of all mobile ticketing applications, that means the mass-harvesting of a huge amount of your data is accessible to the ticket vendor and their partners. Ticketmaster Rolls Out Next-Gen Digital Encrypted Tickets, Wall Street Journal: Anyone scooping enough tickets to make it their business would need to sell enough tickets that they would need to advertise in some way and would likely get caught eventually. The best source of up-to-date information about your eventand whether any refund, credit, or exchange procedures may be availableis in your online account. Enter the recipient's first and last name, email address, optional note and phone number. He also holds the position of (interim) Director of Catholic Mission at St. Marys having previously been Director of Research and Public Engagement and Dean of the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. We are constantly working up ways to improve our ticketing options and level the playing field. We took that burden upon ourselves to try to create those obstacles that would put as many tickets into the fans hands Our fan base just loved it, they felt we did everything we possibly could do and we did. But a minimum was also in place. Some exceptions and limitations may apply. From 2002-2016, Philip was Academic and Research Director (previously, Editorial and Programme Director) at the IEA. They recommended that I call the actual venue and talk them about it. That change would only impact the legitimate, US-based sites. Can I Contact You in case of any Concerts Tickets Issue? Were already seeing restricted tickets. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I bought tickets to BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - Live Play in Las Vegas, but something came up and I can't go anymore. You could still give it to a friend, sell it if your plans change, etc. N.Y. Attorney General Sues Operator Of Online Ticket Resale Platform, Ticket Broker Over Massive Scheme To Sell Non-Existent, Speculative Tickets, The Drum: Fans must have the option to purchase a transferable ticket at the initial point of sale to ensure they can use, resell, or give away their tickets freely. Judging from . We sell the best tickets to every concert including all country, hip hop, music festival, jazz, children shows and more. This means that the ability to list tickets for resale can be restricted to the box office-preferred system, eliminating competition from other marketplaces. After the switch, you will enter the email address you use to access the community in order to reset your password. Buy tickets to an event they'll love, then click the Transfer button in My Account and enter their email. Our Help Center can assist you in finding answers to the most common questions. We are unable to transfer them to another person. Also, make sure you have paid in full for the tickets. We are in a similar situation. In addition, Philip you may be interested in this blog post of mine, as may other IEA readers, N.Y. Attorney General Sues Operator Of Online Ticket Resale Platform, Ticket Broker Over Massive Scheme To Sell Non-Existent, Speculative Tickets, Ticketmaster bets on smarter tickets to outsmart fraudsters, I was scammed by a ticket scalper - dont make my mistake, We actively cancel tickets listed for sale on our website when we suspect they were purchased using bots, We work closely with law enforcement to identify and go after bot users, Working with teams and artists, we have built new products to help them get tickets directly to their real fans, Our Verified Fan registration program and our new digital ticket platform have been used across thousands of events getting tickets to fans at fan-friendly prices, We have also helped teams and artists dynamically price tickets to ensure they rightfully receive the benefits of market pricing, instead of their profits going to scalpers or resale ticketing sites, We do not allow speculative tickets on our website. Matt also said AXS doesn't let you digitally transfer ticket ownership until the week of the event. I might sell my neighbour a plot of land in my garden as long as they agreed not to open a fish and chip shop on it and there are many other examples too. But some, like the Kaskade show, are sold that way for a reason, adding to the exclusivity of an event. Please see our Purchase Policy for details. Your only recourse is to hope the primary makes them transferable closer to the event. Illinois However, it's important to say that I had really extenuating circumstances. We will ensure you get into your event by setting up your tickets at the Venue Box Office Will Call location. You say yes, I say Im not so sure. Ticket scalpers are ready to take advantage of that, though, which is why a $40 ticket can be sold for $200 or more even if it turns out to be a dud of an entry pass. NPR Freakonomics: Learn more about refunds for canceled and rescheduled live events. You are treated fairly at FeeFreeTicket with no hidden fees and the cheapest concert ticktes you will find! Learn more about ticket insurance. Its important to them to make their shows safer and more accessible and its very important for them to be able to develop longstanding personal relationships that will fuel their careers for years to come. has full transparency on all ticket sales with no hidden service fees than many other concert ticket re-sellers have. For example, if you are looking for Luke Bryan music tour details and tickets, then just visit and enter Luke Bryan in the search box and pick his name from the drop-down list, which will lead you to his tickets page on our website. There are thousands of singers and music icons before us and unsurprisingly everyone is not a fan of all of them. Where to Look for Cheap Concerts Tickets? The systems used to restrict consumer rights to tickets theyve purchased generally come in the form of mobile-only ticketing systems that require consumers to download a specific application from the box office vendor to access. Some people change their minds about attending an event and want to be able to get a refund. The simplest solution to this problem is to make tickets non-transferable. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Take away that right, and all of the sudden a consumer who doesnt feel well has two choices: Forfeit whatever price they have paid for their tickets, or go to the event despite being sick. Find your favorite Music event tickets, schedules and seating charts in the Chicago area. Fan Club Presale To be safe, maybe tell Ticketmaster that you want to transfer them to a friend instead of saying that you want to sell them on StubHub and they might be more helpful. Scalpers make money by buying tickets, and then selling them for more than they paid for then. In an ironic twist, given how Ticketmaster is trying to rehabilitate the Safetix system by painting it as pro-COVID safety, restrictive ticketing systems incentivize consumers attending events even when they are ill. What does non-transferable mean on a voucher? Luke Combs with Riley Green, Lainey Wilson, Flatland Cavalry and more. A couple of alternatives that could sweeten the pot might be: 10% non-transferable tickets at 2x the price. Here is the Interactive Seat Map to help you understand the positions and prefer the seats that best suit your tastes. The tickets were reportedly non-transferable, however, there was no evidence of Ticketmaster's claimed disclosure that tickets could not be transferred. NOTE: If the Transfer button is grayed out, your tickets are not eligible for transfer. Wouldnt an easier solution be to make it illegal to charge more than face value? Check out the schedule of all current and upcoming concerts in 2023/2024. /u/phileconomicus (OP) has awarded 3 delta(s) in this post. After the switch, you will enter the email address you use to access the community in order to reset your password. Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity, As women enter an occupation, average pay falls. We work with venues and Event Organizers to make the mobile entry process easy to use and to reduce fraud so that the people getting into the show are the fans that bought the tickets. We work continuously to provide fans a smooth, safe and fair ticket buying experience. A place to post an opinion you accept may be flawed, in an effort to understand other perspectives on the issue. They decide how many tickets should be sold, the types of tickets to sell, the prices, when ticket sales information is made available to the public, as well as when they want the tickets to go on sale. You shouldnt have to fight robots just to see something you love. Venues/event organizers will sometimes restrict the ability to transfer until that time to maximize ticket security. There is no such difference, younger or older, to determine who will go for a concert or not; only the genres matters. how can you help someone in a coercive relationship, summer tompkins walker wedding, club volleyball asheville nc,